Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ok, so wait, I got this I swear (2/13/11 Transport)

Ok, so the last post was me panicking over the idea of 4 dogs in the car. Plans change constantly and this was no exception. The day of, Gilligan was pulled from the transport, so it was just Flirt, Champ/McQueen, and  Breeze.

We got to meet Gilligan though, who is looking better and is freaking adorable (LOVE HIM!)

Transport went off with out a major hitch. We did a photo shoot just prior for Flirt and McQueen and discovered McQueen is just as A.D.D. as Joey. Doh! He is a real sweetheart though and VERY smart.

Here is little flirt standing beside Ashlee's leg. So little and that's probably her full size
Flirt had just been spayed so she slept on a blanket on Ashlee's lap on the way to the second leg.

Mr. Breeze, ready to get out of this thing already.

Breeze "missed his entrance" when jumping in the car and instead dodged the carrier so he could lay on the nice fluffy blankie.

Sorry bud, back in the carrier you go!

Breeze is such a gentle little guy, full of love and energy for anyone, human or dog alike. Can't wait to see who he goes with!


Champ says "GET ME OUT!!!"

We discovered something new about Champ/McQueen.
He is NOT a fan of travel carriers. He's fine once he is inside and safely secured, but getting him in is like wrestling a greased pig who is just as smart as you and quite possibly just as strong!

Both times (when I put him in, and at leg two) he was able to put up quite a resistance and tried to powerfully slink out. No dice, in ya go! (in the process he strangled me with my keys and his front paw, and knocked the sunglasses from my head. haha. we'll have to work on crate training. >.>;)

Funny thing is, once he is inside the cage, he is the perfect little travel buddy and didn't make a peep. Oh well!

I luv my gentle Giant!
Part one of Champ's second attempt to not have to ride in a crate. haha poor Betty

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