Friday, February 4, 2011

Letting go can be the hardest thing.

Little 7 of 9 at a day old.
That void of sound are the collective hearts of the members and followers of The Dog Liberator breaking.

Little 7 of 9 has passed on. She continued to have trouble feeding, and upon vet examination, was discovered to have a cleft pallet. This problem would have continued to cause her life altering problems the rest of her little life, if she even survived infancy, and it was decided that as painful as it is, it would be kinder to end her suffering and struggle.

It's being taken hard, especially after all she and her mother have been through. It seems so wrong that a week can literally be a life time for some, but we have to remember that because Katie was saved, because Katie lived, she was able to give birth to 9 babies, and continues to care for 8 other little lives. Katie will never have to decide between feeding herself or feeding her puppies.

7, and all her brothers and sisters have been warm, fed and comfortable, never knowing the hard life of the streets or the desperation of starvation. They have been loved sine the day they were born and 7 was loved until the day she passed. She was loved and spared suffering and pain.
It isn't easy, but it is the kind thing to do. The heart on her fur not only marked her need for special care, but the place she will forever hold in our hearts. 

We love you Seven, You are greatly missed.

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