Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home at last! Bye bye Breeze!

Ever have one of those moments when your realize the person you almost picked was the right one? That is Breeze's story. Poor Mr. Breeze has been back to us twice, the first due to moving and the second, well they just wasn't the right fit for each other.

Then we heard that there was a man who was interested in another of our dogs, Indian. Gisele searched his name in her email, but what she found wasn't what she was expecting. The email was from earlier in 2010, when Breeze had first reappeared.
Dog Liberator,
Please let us know if Breeze is still available, we are looking for a Border Collie that is around a year old. We currently have a Shetland / Border Collie mix that could use a friend and having years of experience with a herding dog, we feel that we will be an excellent home for a dog like Breeze. We live in Tampa and would be willing to come see Breeze at your convenience.
We got in contact and let them know them know that while Indian was available, Breeze was back, and if they were still interested, they could come see him. They were on their way!

Breeze finally went home. This is the letter from his first night home:
"Breeze (to be slowly renamed Coltrane) is doing very well. We gave him a grand introduction last night by taking him to our dog friendly local pub. He was a bit nervous at first but was one of the boys within 20 minutes! Him and Issac are getting along well, and everything seems great."
So good to see Mr. Breeze has finally made it to his final home. We love Breeze, and because of that, we hope we only see him at reunions from now on!

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