Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Transportee Wannabee!

So this morning I found out it was time for little Wannabee to be reunited with her 4 sisters (Wiggle, Weeble,  Waggle, and Wobble) after a little surgery for a hernia (poor baby!!!).

To top it off, I got to do my FIRST puppy transport!!! YEY!

Now that she's all well, she is more than ready to play and have a good time again. Her little "at the hospital" pictures (right and bellow) Really tell the story pretty well.

I started very early today so I'd have plenty of time to get her before work. Once I arrived at the vet they were all ready and just had to go get the little sweetie. I don't know why, maybe it was the other pups (non-siblings) on the transport, but I was surprised how small she was.

She promptly licked me all over the face and we headed out to the grass patch to see if she'd go potty. Unwilling to take any risks, she and I attempted (what to the best of my knowledge was) her first walk on a leash, which she did pretty well with all things considered. I've seen some pups/dogs freak out, try to run away from it, lay down and refuse to move, but what did little Wannabee do?

* * * She walked like a pro, and tried to play with it by chewing on it. * * *

"Oh look at this amazing big world!"

Once in the car she promptly explored her carrier and  tried to catch a glimpse out the windows.

It took her a moment to realize that we weren't going anywhere and then she realized that (how dare I) I was taking pictures of her!

I was promptly informed (via barks and yips) that I should put the petal to the metal already! She was ready to go HOME!!!
Um... Excuse me... DRIVE!

 This little sweetie was VERY ready to be home with her family, and hopefully will be going to her forever home soon.

Honestly, how could ANYONE say no to those eyes?

She is a very brave little girl and when she started to fuss I'd just let her sniff my hand, and things were cool. By the end of the trip she'd taken to laying down and occasionally glancing up as if to say "So... Are we there yet?" ..... "How bout now?"

And let me just tell you, "getting there" was a BIG hit with her. She loved getting to meet Foster mommy Holly and I can only imagine what the reunion with her sisters must have been like.

Here is little Wannabee in the middle of licking  Holly's face (left) and then deciding to behave for the picture (right).

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