Monday, February 28, 2011

All About Splenda, the Splendid!

On the 2/26 Transport we had a litter of 5 puppies but 6 were on board. Who was this puppy? How'd she get in with ours? Well, we can't just leave her here... To the vet she goes!

As her Dog Liberator blog tells Spenda has "adopted" the rest of the litter of 5 "CH" puppies. All the CH pups were pretty shy, but when they get a little unsettled Splenda sticks with them, as if to say "it's ok you just stick with me, we'll be fine."

In my time with Splenda, she was very good. Quiet through the whole car ride. Not a peep, which for any puppy is amazing.

When we got to the vet she gave kisses as she was carried in, and was VERY thankful for her kibble and water. She was a little talkative during the video, but I attribute that to the following:
1. No puppy prefers to be in a cage instead of running and playing
2. She just escaped the cages of a high kill shelter, why on EARTH would she be ok with being in another cage?
Even with all that she wasn't "screaming," just voicing her discontent with the cage situation.
She is a darling and I am so glad she is with us!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

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2/26 Transport of 8!

Ok, Well yesterday's transport was... interesting to say the least.  I arrived at about 7 (30 minutes early) and the transport had already arrived and they were trying to sort out which pups belonged to who, and with the amount present it took 2 hours. WOW that is a LOT of dogs.

When we finally got into the car Radar was quickly put in a crate, the pups were stuffed in another, and Flip received front seat status. EVERYONE traveled well, never heard a peep out of ANYONE, which was astounding with 8 dogs in the car!

Flip was amazingly good and from the time he got in the car he curled up on the comfy blankey and tried to hold his head up so he could see out the window. He did this, while also trying not to fall asleep and his head would slooooowly fall back and then he'd jerk awake. Poor guy! He eventually settled for turning slightly so he could rest his chin on my leg. Never tried to crawl on my lap, never tried to walk around. He is GREAT in the car.

Once we arrived at the vet everyone was slowly moved inside, First Flip, then Radar, then the pups. They are all beautiful and sweet lil ones. I did something different this time, instead of putting a bunch of pics on the post and then a vid, i rolled them all in one. Check these lovelies out!!!

Special thanks to Gisele for posting this to the Dog Liberator Facebook page!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 4 Get names!

Puppy A - Female - 
is now known as Mosey! 

Puppy B - Male - 
is now known as Milkdud

Puppy C - Male - 
is now known as Milkbone

Puppy D - Female - 
is now known as Mimzy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Blink, Stare, Laugh! (Possibly a Record Breaker)

So the plans for tomorrow (T-Day!) have changed about 10 times in the past 50 minutes 
but I think it is stable for now.

IF, all stays as planned... my car will be hauling not 4, not 5, but 10 dogs. 8 pups and 2 adults! 
Holy crap where are we gonna put them all!? Haha! 

Right now (SO tentative) the plan is 8 puppies in a carrier, 1 adult in a carrier, and 1 riding shot gun but I am betting on that changing (especially based on the possible size of the pups)!

Can't wait to give the update either LATE tomorrow night or Early Sunday! 
Stay Tuned!
Put yours Prayer Paws on!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

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All 4, resting before their vet visit!

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All Home!

Babies on Board!

Well, today we broke the record for dogs in my car, but this was A LOT easier than three. Bellow you will see pictures of 4 little pups who I helped transport today (and one of the only successful group shots to the right).

It was their first day away from their sister (the 5th pup, already adopted), their first day away from their first foster home, and their first day with me... needless to say they were a bit terrified and all they wanted to do was slink into a corner together. I don't blame them, it was a rough day.

In the car, as expected the pups cried for a little bit, but them most of them settled down. One kept crying, so I turned my music up a bit (Linkin Park) and he or she (never could tell who it was) practically screamed. I took the hint and cut the music off. Doth my ears deceive me? Nope! they all conked out! And stayed that way pretty much the entire time until their vet visit.

In the parking lot of the vet's office I tried to work my head around how i was going to get them all inside. Carry 2 at a time? Well, then 2 would be left in the heat.... even if it was only for a minute it wasn't a safe option (nix that idea!). Carry them all? I put "A" on my shoulder and picked up "B", then looked at the other two, arms full. Nope! Not happening.  Walk on a leash. Year right they are in the very back of the cage and have no interest in coming out.

I settled on putting them all in one carrier (they traveled two by two in 2 different large carriers) and slowly carrying the carrier across the parking lot. I put all 4 in 1 carrier, lifted the carrier off the back of the car and immediately realize this was gonna be a problem. I knew they were each solid pups but DANG were they heavy (later I found out the lightest was 11 lbs... times 4? about 44+ lbs of dog and the weight of the carrier!).

Thank GOD for good Samaritans. A lady who was walking into the vets office (i think for some form of maintenance in the office) offered to help and with the two of us combined we carried it across the parking lot and up the stairs to the office. THANK YOU SO MUCH MAM!!!!

Inside the pups quickly drew the attention of everyone, who were surprised to find out that these little ones are ONLY about 8 weeks old. They're pretty big for 8 weeks. Even the other dogs were very interested and one cocked her head to the side when she realized the squeaky toy like sounds were coming from the carrier. Too cute. It was hard to leave the little ones there (they're going for their shots and *gulp* their first surgery (spay/neuter)). Be brave little ones! See you again soon!

Currently, they don't have names (at least not official ones) so they have been temporarily dubbed 1, 2, 3, and 4. Could I tell you which is which? Not a chance! So, I will do the best I can to separate them out and identify "who is who"in the pictures bellow.

Video at the bottom!!!

Puppy A - Female - Most outgoing, verbal, and cuddly!


Puppy B - Male - Big guy, quiet, and loves cuddles and doesn't mind being held on his back. Identified by the small white blaze on his nose. Also has a "half white collar" which goes up around the right side of his neck but stops at his spine.

B (right), telling me he is done with pictures! haha!
His "Collar" Mark

Puppy C - Male (? pretty sure) - Solid black face, very alert, I'm guessing he's gonna be quite a joker!

"C" is to the left. I think he'll be the jokester!

Puppy D - Female (? Pretty sure) - Big white blaze on her nose. Pretty shy but I bet she comes out of her shell soon!

The whole crew!

The Pups, Just chilling while waiting for their vet visit!

"A" gets Brave and Vocal!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting is hard

So this has been my resort since today I am waiting for Buddy to be ready to come home. Right now we're waiting for Buddy to be ready to come home, so I am procrastinating until he is ready to leave. I'm trying reeeaaallly hard not to anoy the snot out of Gisele by asking "is it time yet" every hour. I just don't want to make him wait cause i know he must  be more than ready to go home. *sigh* Oh well.

 Hang in there Buddy! I'mma commin for ya!!!!

Update: Lookin like it might be tomorrow. Sad panda, but ya know, stuff happens. I'm still commin for ya boy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 8 Get their names

All 8 Pups in one picture!
Well, Katie's little family has taken a big step today. They received their names!

Of course there is still the sting of the loss of little #7, Who was given her name as well, Jewel. 
Gone but never forgotten.

The remaining 8 have grown up big and strong, their little eyes are open and they are squeaking up a storm!

Without further a due, here's the line up!
Asti - ♀- She has a black spot on her belly

Bacardi - ♂ - Thin white stripe like mama

Brandy - ♀ - The only predominantly white female pup

Emma - ♀ - Miss Personality!

J.D. (Jack Daniels) - ♂ - One white spot on his back

Moose - ♂ - The big guy of the litter

Shandy - ♂ - Has a squiggle on his back
Shandy's Squiggle

Whisky - ♂ - big blaze