Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I can leave to go get him right now" - Buddy's Transport

This afternoon I decided to refresh my (perpetually open) Dog Liberator page and the status updated:
"Is there anyone that can transport a dog for me from Ocala to Aloma Jancy in Oviedo? I need an x-ray and a splint on a little guy who hurt his leg. Unless I can find an affordable vet in Ocala, I need help!!!"
I picked up the phone and began dialing Gisele, "Hey I heard you might need a transport from Ocala."
Gisele confirmed that one of our little guys, Buddy, had somehow injured his leg and would need to be transported to a vet to get checked out and probably splinted. My reply? "I can leave and go get him right now"

As Confirmation calls were placed I quickly ran into the garage, hurled a carrier in the car, and tossed a leash in the car (which already had the transport mat down, the water bowl and matching gallon jug of water, a red fluffy blankie, an extra towels, and the GPS in it) and made it back to the living room in just enough time to grab the cell and get the confirmation. I was on my way.

After about 1.5 hours of driving I arrived at Jesse's place. He brought out this small little guy, who was instantly unsure if he wanted anything to do with me...

Me: "Hey Buddy~"
I hold out my hand and kneel to his level.
Buddy stares, then moves behind Jesse's legs.
Jesse offers me Buddy's treat bag full of kibble. I offer Buddy some as he comes around to investigate.
... *sniff sniff* Buddy is not interested in taking treats from a 'stranger'.
Me: "That's ok." It's on his time. After all, this little guy's been through heck and is currently not feeling so swift, what with the leg and all.

Jesse and I bring him to the car and I line the carrier with the nice fluffy blankie. Jesse mentioned that I was very well prepared (yey!) and loved the nice blankie to keep Buddy comfy.

Jesse helped Buddy into the car and we were on our way. The ride was uneventful and when we arrived Buddy just quietly sat in the carrier. I put the slip leash on him and stepped back.

Me: "Ok boy, lets go" I pat my legs to try and coax him out.
Buddy stares at me from the carrier, still lying down with his head on a comfy pile of red blanket.
Buddy: ""

Me: "Come on, we gotta go inside. Who's a good boy. Come on!"
Gentle tug at the leash, lots of baby talk, bribery with the treat bag.
Buddy cuts his eyes up at me, chin pressed against the blankets, body like lead.
Buddy: "I'll just stay here... thanks though!"

I scoot the carrier back to give him plenty of room to stand before we get him down. No progress.
Me: "Ok, come on Buddy, we HAVE to go inside.."
Buddy: "Um.. No."
Me: "Ok fine, lets try something else..."
I gently take the corner of the nice blanket and slowly pull it out of the cage. Buddy seems to sigh and begins to get to his feet.
Buddy: "Well fine... If you're gonna take the blankie from me, I'll get up..."
Buddy follows the blankie out of the cage and then carefully hops down and follows me inside.

For the time I was in the office he patiently waited, sitting beside me and occasionally looking up with his beautiful, gentle eyes. Despite being in obvious discomfort and being scared of this strange girl who just "abducted" him, he never raise any fuss, minus wanting to stay with blankie.

I can't say enough good things about this little guy, who has earned the nickname of "Linus" with me due to his love of blankies.
I know he is still on hold as he recovers from his traumatic past and now recovers from his leg injury as well, but his gentle soul speaks volumes, and once he blossoms just a little more, I think he will be quite a sight to behold!
Buddy, My "Linus" of transport

Update: Buddy is headed to surgery. Poor lil guy.

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