Saturday, September 24, 2011

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First, Thanks for stopping by!

If you are thinking about getting involved and are looking for some resources, I also have two other blogs which can prove helpful for information.
Transporter Guide  - This is basically a guide to help people who are considering transporting, obviously, the only thing you really need is a form of transportation, but I've found these things help too!
Rescue Resources  - This is just a collection of information to help pet owners, rescuers, and others.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you'll take a moment to read about some of the awesome experiences you can have as a transporter. Honestly, finding The Dog Liberator has been one of the biggest blessings of my life and they joy I get from this makes any amount of driving more than worth while. Special thanks to them for linking my blog in their post.

For me, the greatest joy there is, is seeing a great dog find the perfect home. Sometimes they are skinny, sick, hurt, underweight, depressed, when we get them, sometimes they are so afraid of the world they don't even want to stand, but then you see the "after" pictures and video, or see them at a reunion, and they are beautiful, well balanced dogs who just needed a second chance. Helping to give them that chance is such a blessing, and it brings me to tears just thinking about it. Please, if you are thinking about transporting or volunteering in rescue, feel free to email me and ask any questions you have, I'll do my best to answer them:

Again, thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Transporter Profile

Name: Sarah Buxbaum 
               (formerly Sarah White)

Age: 24 (23 at start)

Began Transporting: 12/3/10

Reason for Transporting:
I believe all Dogs deserves to be treated with respect and should have a good and loving home
Stance: Animal Welfare

Skills: I can Microchip dogs.

Ride: A Subaru Wagon - aka "Kiki"
          - holds 2 L crates and 1 dog in the front.
         (The car can be modified as needed 
             and can hold more small carriers)

Transport Car Modifications: Seats down
          (aka "truck mode"), I have a mat I put down
           to protect the car from any accidents,
I Won't Leave Home Without:
                 My Transport Kit

When I Transport I Wear:
               Jeans or denim shorts,
               my TDL shirt, and my CNU keychain
                     (the blue thing around my neck)

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So nice we Traveled Twice - Fonzie

Well, yesterday I went back to Ma Holly's to get Fonzie. Rusty and Casey Rose were picked up by their fosters on Thursday (9/1) but Fonzie was staying and the original plan was that since his foster, Amy, would be coming on Sunday, they would just wait and Fonzie would hang out with Holly until Sunday.

Fonzie being played with by Cantaloupe (and the others)
Weeeelll Fonzie was doing very well, but after one night with the puppies he was as sleep deprived as Holly often is. He also didn't feel like eating the next day, which worked out well because I was able to pick him up.

When I arrived he was out in the yard with KaiKai, Wiffle and Waffle (3 young pups). He calmly tolerated them as they squeaked and tried to chew on any part of him with in the reach of their tiny teeth, but he looked up, noticed the leash in my pocket, and then sighed, looking visibly more relaxed, as if to say "Oh thank GOD I knew this had to be a mistake, I am not a puppy!"

We got the paperwork and said our goodbyes (After I got to cuddle with KaiKai, Wiffle and Waffle, all too cute!) and Fonzie trotted right beside me and waited beside the car.

I don't think he quite knows how to jump in a car yet so i grabbed his hind legs and wheelbarrowed him into his crate.
This is before we pulled out of the driveway, but he was great the entire trip.

Fonzie is a dream in the car. Not a peep out of him!

He would stand up when we stopped at lights, and look out, watching the people, but as soon as we started up he would lie back down and enjoy the AC.

We arrived at the fast food restaurant a bit early so we went through the drive through to get a some water for Fonzie and a drink for me too.

"I'm not sure I like this... why am I in a parking lot?"

Fonzie sniffed around, handled some business, and drank a little of his water but seemed a little concerned. He would walk a circle, and then lean against the car or my leg. I tried putting down a blanket but he wasn't interested. He was just very uneasy.

I wonder if part of Fonzie's past, the part that eventually landed him at a shelter, took place in a parking lot such as this. It's possible he might have been abandoned in a parking lot, which would explain why he didn't feel right.

Amy arrived shortly and he walked between the two of us, as we traded papers. Then it was time for him to hop into the truck. Again, he put his front feet up and then waited for assistance. Again, we caught his hindquarters and up he went.

Fonzie is a good boy. He really wants someone to love and admire him. He is great on a leash and never pulled once. He is good with cats, puppies, dogs, and travels well.

I can't wait to see Fonzie find his people,  he deserves to feel as much love as he gives, and to be happy. After all, he has a smile that lights up the room

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet 16th - Casey Rose and Fonzie make 41

Well, 4th time's the charm! At about 11:40am today I took my first adventure out to the Executive Airport. I was hurrying because the flight arrived at 12:30 and I needed to be there at least 10 minutes early, and the trip itself was about 30 minutes. Well I got there just in time and hurried in. I looked around for Holly but quickly realized the lobby was rather painfully empty. Only one little couple sat, waiting. They looked  back and smiled, "You must be here for dogs too!"

I sat down and we chatted. 12:30 came and went. I finally pulled out my phone and checked the email. Apparently one of the dogs from another rescue had gotten lose, the flight should arrive at 1:05 instead. I prayed it wasn't ours and settled in for the wait, chit chatting all the way. Holly came and only moments later we were told to fetch our cars, the plane had landed and it was time for us to drive out onto the Tar Mac. So, off we went. You know those guys with the sticks who wave planes into place? Yea, we had those directing us where to park.
Not the best shot of me, but it's about Casey Rose

By the time I got out of the car there were already carriers everywhere and someone was saying "I think this one goes to Dog Liberator, Casey Rose?!"

I ran over with leashes in hand/over my shoulder and quickly slipped the lead on her.  Next out was Rusty who seemed very happy to be on the ground again (One that was on the fence as to whether he should come with me or not. I'll be writing about him but he's not part of the "dogs I transported" count. Assists though, yes.)

Out comes Rusty, "Here's your dog!" Glenn's got this one.
Then the waiting began, and Casey Rose and I stood on the Tar Mac as dog after dog was brought out and the respective rescuers retrieved them. Then finally, I heard it, "And the cattle dog? This is Dog Lib's right?" I raised my hand and hurried over, trying to convince Casey Rose that it was ok to walk back to the plane. Out came Fonzie!
Here we are with all 4 of our pups. Fonzie, Casey Rose, Rusty, and Loli with Glenn and I

All that was left was to get Holly her dog, then the paperwork.  We decided that since most of the fosters would be picking up the dogs later that day, I'd just take them to Holly's instead of the vet, after all, they'd had one heck of a day.

We had a great time at Ma Holly's. Each dog began to open up and show their personalities, which was formerly a little muted because of the transport.

Hi! I am an incredibly happy and well balanced dog!


What a little character! He is all smiles and loves to wiggle. He also loves Casey Rose and Rusty as well as a good pat.

Every time he noticed me taking pictures he would run up to get a "close up" so about 2/3rds of his pictures were his snout smashing into the camera at various angles.

He loves to lean against you to get you to pay attention to him and will grin the moment you do. This isn't the last you'll be hearing of him. I'll be seeing more of this little guy tomorrow, as He will be riding with me to meet his foster mommy Amy.

Casey Rose

Casey is the quiet girl of this transport. She is a little shy and isn't quite sure if she can trust people, but the moment she gets to know you she warms up.

She is great with other dogs and was excited to meet Ralph and Guss. In the picture to the right she is standing by the glass door, waiting to meet them.

She also loves a little attention, but she is much, much quieter about asking for it as you can clearly see bellow.
Rusty and Fonzie will lean or rub against you, Casey Rose just waits and waits and stands progressively closer and closer to you.

"I'll just stand here and wait for you to notice what a good girl I am."

Casey Rose "No pictures please"
She is also, incredibly camera shy. Well over half of my pictures involved her turning her head away from the camera.

I wonder if she isn't part Bernese because of her big head and gentle nature. She is also rather large and seems to have that head line.

She is lovely and graceful and simply needs to be reminded that not all life is shelter life. By the end of our visit/transport she curled up beside my chair and would occasionally lift her big head for a pat.

I can't wait to see her with the right family.

Check out her beautiful highlights!


So, Rusty, well what can you say about him, or possibly, what can't you say about him!?

He is persistently wearing a huge smile on his face and seemed so happy to just have you glance his way.

Rusty needs a little grooming, his fur has large mats hidden away that could have easily been prevented with some basic care, but he doesn't let it phase him in the least.

Rusty also has a knack for putting his nose into the camera, but not quite to the extent that Fonzie does. Rusty normally does this because he really wants you to stop paying attention to the camera and notice how absolutely fabulous he looks. In fact, he wouldn't mind if you told him so a little more often.
"Yes, please, tell me what a handsome boy I am!"

Holly and I were sitting in the blue chairs and Rusty pranced over, scooted Fonzie out of the way, and plopped his paws up on my lap, putting his big beautiful face right in mine. I gave him a rub down and loved on him which he just ate up.

"Hey that wasn't half bad!"
Rusty was also kind enough to play "guinea pig" for me today. Glenn showed me how to microchip and demonstrated on Casey Rose and Fonzie first, and then it was my turn.

When I caught Rusty's collar he sulked a little, unsure about this whole thing. I coaxed him a little closer and gave him a little rub.

He sulked less and I sterilized the fur around site, then lifted his scruff and placed the chip. He didn't even flinch. I gently rubbed his skin and he looked up at me with a grin. New skill acquired!

I wish I could say more about Loli, but she was a little stressed after transport and needed to just quietly decompress in a cage with a towel over it. She'll be fine in the morning.

All in all today was a great transport. The only word to accurately describe it is "Unique."

     1.existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics
     2.having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable in occurrence to a given class, situation, or area
     4.not typical; unusual

EDIT: Turns out, I miscounted, this was my 15th, but since Fonzie was transported again, the next day (as my 16th transport), I am leaving the title.