Saturday, September 3, 2011

So nice we Traveled Twice - Fonzie

Well, yesterday I went back to Ma Holly's to get Fonzie. Rusty and Casey Rose were picked up by their fosters on Thursday (9/1) but Fonzie was staying and the original plan was that since his foster, Amy, would be coming on Sunday, they would just wait and Fonzie would hang out with Holly until Sunday.

Fonzie being played with by Cantaloupe (and the others)
Weeeelll Fonzie was doing very well, but after one night with the puppies he was as sleep deprived as Holly often is. He also didn't feel like eating the next day, which worked out well because I was able to pick him up.

When I arrived he was out in the yard with KaiKai, Wiffle and Waffle (3 young pups). He calmly tolerated them as they squeaked and tried to chew on any part of him with in the reach of their tiny teeth, but he looked up, noticed the leash in my pocket, and then sighed, looking visibly more relaxed, as if to say "Oh thank GOD I knew this had to be a mistake, I am not a puppy!"

We got the paperwork and said our goodbyes (After I got to cuddle with KaiKai, Wiffle and Waffle, all too cute!) and Fonzie trotted right beside me and waited beside the car.

I don't think he quite knows how to jump in a car yet so i grabbed his hind legs and wheelbarrowed him into his crate.
This is before we pulled out of the driveway, but he was great the entire trip.

Fonzie is a dream in the car. Not a peep out of him!

He would stand up when we stopped at lights, and look out, watching the people, but as soon as we started up he would lie back down and enjoy the AC.

We arrived at the fast food restaurant a bit early so we went through the drive through to get a some water for Fonzie and a drink for me too.

"I'm not sure I like this... why am I in a parking lot?"

Fonzie sniffed around, handled some business, and drank a little of his water but seemed a little concerned. He would walk a circle, and then lean against the car or my leg. I tried putting down a blanket but he wasn't interested. He was just very uneasy.

I wonder if part of Fonzie's past, the part that eventually landed him at a shelter, took place in a parking lot such as this. It's possible he might have been abandoned in a parking lot, which would explain why he didn't feel right.

Amy arrived shortly and he walked between the two of us, as we traded papers. Then it was time for him to hop into the truck. Again, he put his front feet up and then waited for assistance. Again, we caught his hindquarters and up he went.

Fonzie is a good boy. He really wants someone to love and admire him. He is great on a leash and never pulled once. He is good with cats, puppies, dogs, and travels well.

I can't wait to see Fonzie find his people,  he deserves to feel as much love as he gives, and to be happy. After all, he has a smile that lights up the room

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