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Jalo's Jaunt - 9/15/12

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Jalo's Jaunt - 9/15/12

 On Friday I got an email asking me if I could run a transport the next morning. It was late when I got it so I called G in the morning to get details, then called Jackie, who was driving from Miami about where we should meet up. We decided we would decide on a meeting place once she got closer to Orlando.

The part of the story I have failed to tell was that I already had plans. In fact, not only did we have plans, I had company. Borrelli had come down to visit from Virginia and he and I were supposed to go to a game store flea market in the morning and then meet my husband there.

We still went to the flea market, a bit earlier than planned and about 10 minutes after I arrived I got a call from Jackie to let me know they were getting close and we decided we would meet up at a gas station near UCF (they were going to see the game). Borrelli decided he would join me on transport instead of waiting for Tom at the game store (his mind was made up when he heard I was picking up a sheltie) and we were off.

I found a gas station and while we were at the light and had Borrelli text Jackie the name of the streets. As we pulled in I immediately regretted my choice of gas stations.. The signs were gone despite it still being open, there was a phone booth but the phone was ripped out, and there was trash (broken bottles, broken chargers, a windshield wiper, etc) everywhere. Great!

When Jackie arrived I could see Jalo in the car, enjoying the ride. I chatted with Jackie as we walked Jalo to get her to go potty. We talked about her paperwork and her meds. As you may notice in the pictures, Jalo was shaved. This was due to a skin infection she had in the shelter.

As the time came to get in the car I thanked Jackie and helped Jalo into her crate. Jackie teared up and tried not to cry. I gave her a hug and she apologized for crying. I told her not to, it was a sign that Jalo had definitely been very loved in her foster home. I can only imagine how hard it had to be for her to let go after caring for Jalo as she came out of the shelter, had to be shaved down and then had to have baths very frequently to help her skin heal.

Borrelli and I took Jalo to Gisele's house and she then went to her new "foster" (which was sort of a planned foster failure, the foster had recently lost her dog and wasn't sure if she was ready for another. So we agreed to have her just watch Jalo for a bit. Jalo walked into their lives and is not leaving. She is already home and it's a beautiful thing.

I think Borrelli had a good time getting to ride along with Ms. Jalo. It may have not been in the original plans, but hey, when it comes to helping one of our buddies getting home, we make time.