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Jake - 4/30/11

Normally I try to come up with some sort of catchy title or cute pun, but with Jake there just aren't words.

I attended an adoption fair where some of our sweet dogs were strutting their stuff. As the day began we had Flyboy, Dimpsey, Spike, and Creampuff, all who were at their best wiggling and smiling at everyone. About an hour in the big white van pulled up, our newest transport was here! As we unloaded our three dogs one had some paperwork to be done, so Gisele asked me to get the last one, Jake, a border collie from a high kill shelter in Alabama.

Jake, standing in a state of shock.
The lady who had driven them all the way here opened the back of the van and in a large carrier stood Jake, staring off into space, not barking, not crying, just waiting. He is a big boy and has a large bone structure compared to the average BC. He has a large head and beautiful deep brown eyes, currently holding a little bit of sadness and fear behind them. This was my first impression of Jake.

We opened his crate and he gently stepped forward, pausing at the open door of his cage, on his own accord, so we could slip off his travel collar and put our leash on him. Normally, when dogs come off the huge transport (well over 10 hours) they are barking and BOLT out of the cages as if to scream "FREE! Free at LAST" but not Jake. Jake waited until we encouraged him to hop down, "Come on Jake, let's go!"

Jake didn't pull or charge off to meet other dogs, He just stood. I encouraged him to go potty and so he quickly marked two trees and then returned to my side. He was almost in a state of Shell Shock. He didn't know what to expect next. I mean over the past 24 hours he went from a chaotic shelter life, to living in a carrier in a van for long hours, and then he is suddenly in a field full of people and dogs, I don't blame him for being confused.

For the next hour I walked Jake around and tried to comfort him. When he first met the other TDL dogs he seemed confused but willing to learn. Soon they were all wagging, sipping water, and he was happy to just lay between Flyboy and Spike. That was until I reached in my transport bag and pulled out treats. Suddenly Jake had new life (Which makes sense because he wasn't fed while on transport {so he wouldn't promptly throw it back up}).

Jake's ears were perked like he was ready to learn, so I showed him a treat, then held it over his head, "Do you know Sit?" Foom! Jake sat like a perfect gentleman and promptly received his treat. Then to my surprise he threw a trick (throwing a trick - when a dog performs a trick in hopes of coaxing another treat out of you) and held out his paw.  I was stunned, "You know Paw?" Jake responded by plopping his paw in my hand.

A while later he was laying down and looking adorable like he wanted a belly rub. I opened my arms and asked, "Ya want some love?" and he rolled to his back, paws open, as if to say "Oh hug me hug me!"

Jake was obviously incredibly bright and  as long as you had treats in your pocket he'd follow you anywhere. When the treats ran out he still followed, no pulling or dragging. All I had to say was, "Let's go Jake" and he was right there.

After the event we all went out to lunch, and I do mean all of us. Gisele, lil Sarah, and I sat at the table and Jake lay quietly beside us. He got a few chips but never begged for more, he'd just wait. When the steak came he was a bit more interested and would stand and watch but never tried to take it, even though he easily could.  Jake is a heart-throb and just about everyone who walked past, the women at the next table, and our waiter all loved him. The waiter even stopped to give him a belly rub which Jake just ate up.

Jake after the shock wore off, noble and true.
I have NEVER seen a dog like him. He is an old soul in a young body who is noble and true. He is Loyal and loving, even despite the fact that life has been very hard for him the past few weeks.

When he wants more attention he gently lays his paw on your leg, as if to say, "hey, don't forget me ok?"

All I can say is "Don't worry Jake, I never will"