Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Update! -  Mini Cooper was returned to his family after his little adventure!

Mini Cooper!

Well Early in January I got a call from G. One of our Corgis who had been adopted out in the last year or had been found with no collar and a sweet older couple had chased him down and taken him in. Even their senior pug was welcoming of this little visitor into her home. They were happy to help him out, and kept him overnight while we organized his transport.

The timing, if it can ever be perfect, was perfect because the next day I would be starting an internship and my hour available to transport would be extremely limited. So I got in the car and was off. It was a bit over an hour and a half of driving and when I arrived the couple who found him welcomed me into their home.

Their Pug greeted me and waddled back over to her couch where Cooper was perched. He was a little nervous and slow to approach, but once he did he was in my lap and cuddled up, possibly from the scare of not being in his own place. It continues to amaze me how sometimes dogs just know you're trying to help, Like Buddy with his hurt leg, and how even though he was in pain he let me help him. Cooper was no exception, he came on over and cuddle up, even licking my hand, like he knew that somehow, even though we'd never met, I must be a nice person who wanted to help get him home. 

I talked with the sweet couple for almost a half hour and then it was time to get on the road. I got Mini Cooper on the leash and before I left they sent me home with a basket of Zucchini and squash, thanking me for helping him. I was amazed. They ran after a dog (despite some mobility issues), took him in, feed him, had him scanned for a chip at a vet, called us and took amazing care of him until we could come get him, and yet they were thanking me, who donated a whole 3 hours of my time (compare that to the almost 48 they had given to Cooper). I protested but they insisted. I got ready to pick up Cooper and they warned me he could be a little touchy about it; So I moved slow. As I lifted him he snuggled up, not upset, but happy. So I carried Cooper to the car and they delivered the vegis to the car. We hugged, some eyes got watery, and thanks were passed back and forth.

Getting some "Kid Therapy"
We were on the road for about an hour or more, and not a single peep from Cooper. I took him to G until we could figure out what was going on and where his owners were. He adjusted to G's in a heart beat and LOVED cuddling on the couch with the kids. It was just the therapy his little heart needed until he could go back to his family.

Within the week he was back home with his people and Cooper's grand adventure was over, but it was a transport I wont soon forget. The people involved, the timing, and what I believe was God's hand in it all worked together to ensure his safety. Can you believe the couple caught him 2 houses from a 6 lane highway where cars frequently hit 65 miles per hour (despite a lower speed limit). He was running right for it, unaware of the danger, and yet the husband (who had difficulty walking at times) was able to run and catch him. And Cooper, despite being terrified, didn't resist once caught. All the forces in the world came together and saved Cooper's life, what more could we ask for?