Sunday, January 30, 2011

They're here! - Katie's Kiddies

Poor Katie, packed with pups and miserable, can you tell?
Well, today we heard that Katie was in labor and had had 7 puppies, which seemed like a small amount seeing as how large she was (see the picture at the side).

Then there was more news, the fun wasn't over yet! 

Katie was pampered with plenty of help and vanilla ice cream between pups. Nothing like something cool during a hard time.

The final count for the new mother from the New Years Nine (The 9 were Katie, Courage, Madigan, Charlotte, Theo, Brie, Marcel, Freckles and Kennedy)..... 

Mrs. Katie has 9!
(I'd guessed 10 but 9 seems sooooo fitting with the whole 9 trend!)
Katie and her 9 little ones! (3 at her head, 6 getting some grub.)
After about 31 hours of labor both Katie and he foster mama Lynne were able to get some rest. 
First was born at 2:14 AM, last was probably born around 9 am on the 31st. 
Both mom and foster mom and reaaaally tired right now.
More pictures of Mama and Babies!
During the break after the first 7, then surprise! 2 more!
That's a pack of pups! Bet Katie's back is loving the relief.

Time for this little one's first close-up (one of many to come!
A passel of puppies

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dawn of a new day

So, today was one for good news. Courage is ok, he had an allergic reaction to Heartgard but is GOING HOME. Poor boy, just as his namesake, he was a very brave lil patient.

Katie apparently, like many human moms, had some false labor (can you hear that? that's a bunch of followers on facebook going "aww man :(..." ). So we're still waiting for the real labor but in the mean time she is comfortable again and still big as a house.

Followers on Facebook are guessing the number of pups. My number is 8 because I think if I guessed 10 and was right, Gisele might strangle me for Jinxing it (just kidding!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Night for Prayers

Ok guys, time to kick on the prayers and good thoughts because two of my babies need it a lot.
Courage getting hugs on the night he arrived

We got the news just a few hours ago that Courage is in the hospital. He had a seizure and we're still waiting on an update.

We hope it was minor and that he'll be able to recover quickly and return to his family in his forever home. He's only been there 15 days.

I often wonder if dogs who are raised together become forever linked.

Only a few hours after Courage went to the hospital, Katie began pacing and panting, some of the signs of the start of labor. It is possible that sense she, Madigan, and Courage were pulled from the same home, that courage may be the father of these pups.

Please, Pray for our babies, for Courage to heal and be able to go home, and for Katie as she brings new life into the world tonight.
Katie, patiently waiting for her little ones in a comfy bed at her foster, Lynne's house.
PS: This was just posted. So much for lil mama cause she's a BIG mama. My first responce was "So how many lil bandits do ya think she's smuggling in there?!"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Dog Liberator Video

I do not own the rights to the content in this video

Transport Tale - Charlotte

Well, on Monday I had the opportunity to transport Ms. Charlotte, the mama of the 5 pups in the New Years Transport.

Charlotte normally does fine on transport and had no problems going from Orlando to Clearwater. Our problem was that she wanted to rest and lay down, which is fine, but unfortunately she then couldn't see out the window. Poor thing "christened the car" (REALLY glad I had that blanket down). So we stopped at a McDonald's just off the highway and they let us use some paper towels.

The reason I bring all this up is for the next few lines. Charlotte (despite feeling crappy because I forgot the whole "no window = no breakfast"  rule) wanted to say hello to anyone she saw (ears perked up, tail wagged). In fact she got to meet 6 girls who had just finished lunch and she practically danced to get to meet them and they were more than happy to give her pats. The manager even came out to see her (not because we were in trouble or anything, just because he'd heard about the cute rescue chilling in the parking-lot ) and told me she was a beautiful girl. I'd have to agree.

Charlotte walks very well on a leash and listens when you talk to her. In the time we were in the car she learned that "ah ah" meant stop what you're doing and sit (this was normally because she was trying to climb on to my lap for cuddles, and while sweet and good intentioned, I don't think she understood that I was piloting a car going 65mph).  She loves to be loved and would love to do what ever it takes for you to love her back. She is very attentive and I bet she'll learn commands and tasks in a hurry.

One funny moment: It became apparent to me that Charlotte had been whistled too in the past when I was listening to a mix a friend made me and Music: Whistle Song (there it go) came on. Her ears perked up, her head jerked up, and she began searching the entire car for the sound. I admit I died laughing because the change in behavior was so sudden but changed the track pretty quickly so she wouldn't keep searching. Not sure if maybe the whistle sounded like her pups or if she just was trying to find the sound but it was interesting.

I'd say "Charlotte will make someone a great pet" but she's already found her someone! She just hasn't met him yet. This trip was the first leg on the way up north to her new home.  She's a beautiful little girl and a total devoted sweetie!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Madigan, now Tessa, going home [Video]

Madigan's "going home"  video. So perfect I cried. 
She looks SO over joyed and she obviously has a very sweet young man in her life!

Video From Dog Liberator

Monday, January 10, 2011

Surprise!! The New Years Nine grows by... ?

News from the New Years Transport!

Little did we know that we in fact, did not rescue nine dogs/puppies on Dec 30th.

Katie, the oldest of the Trio, at about 3 years old, was saved just in time and to top it off, she's pregnant.

The blessing is that these pups will never have to see the inside of a high kill shelter. They will be born on the outside, get plenty of nourishment, and be placed with loving families. What a blessing that Katie will now have more than adequate care and have plenty of people, ready and willing to help her as she becomes a mama once more, and for the last time.

Madigan and Courage hit the road!

Congratulations to Madigan and Courage who found their forever families this week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

She's going home!

Just got the news that only about a week after she arrived, 
Ms. Charlotte is going home!
Lil mama is headed home!

Sounds like a great placement and she'll have plenty of room to run and play (and even a sister!)

It's great to hear that things are looking up for here. She had a rough start and gave up a lot to keep her babies alive. She fought for her life and now is gaining weight and recovering from motherhood. So good to hear she wont have to wait to go home!

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Courage on the deck of his new home. And whats that in the background? Yep, Courage might get to be a Nautical dog!

Video: The Little Wonders - Behind the scenes of rescue

An Amazing Video from The Dog Liberator about the New Years Transport

I cry every time I watch this because I know how bad they looked when we got them and how strong they are becoming. I love the ending, which was really a new beginning.
They truly are little wonders and it is hard to think of what would have happened to all of them if we hadn't been able to take them in.

Enjoy, and check their TDL pages!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fighting for their lives (Prayers Needed!)

Today brings a bit of rough news. 

Lil Mama Charlotte at the Vet.
Charlotte and baby Theo are currently fighting for their lives yet again. 

Both are facing serious respiratory problems which could threaten their lives. 

Please pray for them to gain the strength to make it through. 

None of them had their vaccinations before we got them, and unfortunately this left them vulnerable to a myriad of problems.
Baby Theo

Its hard to see them like this. Charlotte has already fought very hard to keep her little family alive, as can be seen by how skinny she looks in the picture bellow.

Pray that Charlotte will have the strength to pull through for Theo, Kennedy, Freckles, Marcel, and Brie, who still need their mama. 

With Theo being so young and without vaccines he is very vulnerable. Pray this little guy will have enough strength to pull through.

Charlotte, a little skinny. She's been giving it all for her babies
Baby Theo

Charlotte with Brie in the background

Baby Theo in front, leading the pack.

Here is Charlotte's little family. 
Be strong lil mama and lil man, your 4 babies/sibblings need you both. 
Get well soon.
All 5 of Charlotte's Pup's. L to R = Theo, Marcel, Kennedy, Freckles, and Brie



Charlotte has turned the corner and is doing better!

Charlotte looking better!
She and the pups are now apart so both can get strong.


Theo is now on the mend too! Looking good for mama and baby!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

“In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.”

I was inspired the other night. This wasn't my transport, but they may be in the future. The original plan was for 3 adult BC's who came from literally being thrown away. If I have the story right, two out of the 3 were literally in trashcans. Then the shelter had a little deal. Could we take one more? One hitch, she comes with baggage, specifically five nursing pups... making the total jump from 3 to 9. Nothing like tripling the intake. There was hesitation about if we could handle three times the amount of dogs, but in the end it came together.

The transport came from Georgia, where there are many dogs with out homes, and not enough homes to take them in. This unfortunately means dogs in many of the shelters get a very short window to find their homes. Being sick, old, or emaciated decreases their chances exponentially. Many dogs will arrive in the shelter and never leave, so for this mother and her family, this chance could be their only chance. Being young and cute doesn't mean you'll make it out. When you're time is up, it's up, and nothing can change that.

The following is the video of out little guys making their way out of the transport. They'd been in the van all day, stopping a few times for potty breaks, and finally rolled in at almost 10 at night.One pup didn't make the video but he is here and fine. Mama also didn't make the video because she was already in the nice warm car.

 “In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.”

Most don't have names yet. They aren't in great condition, they're sick, and by the time we tried to get them to go potty one couldn't walk because he was so weak. We carried him to the grass and he just lay there, and wagged his tail in hope. My father rubbed his belly and told him it'd be ok. He just wagged his tail and smiled, even though he felt like crap, and didn't have the strength to move. We tried to get him on his feet but he had to be carried to the car again. It is hard to see them like this, but we have to remember that from here he finds a warm bed, from here he gets the food he desperately needs, and the medicine to help him gain strength.

Then you see the puppies, who know nothing about how hard it can be out there. All they know is that their mother loves them and that they want to be warm and happy.  They are the lucky ones. Lucky enough to be out of the system early and hopefully soon they will be in a supportive and loving homes where they will never have to face the hardships their mother has.

EDIT: They just got names!

Charlotte - The lil mama
Mr. Theo (left)

Miss Freckles

Miss Kennedy

Miss Brie

Mr. Marcel

Mr. Courage (2 yrs)
Katie (3yrs) and Madigan (6 months)

Little Madigan again, she is just so sweet