Sunday, January 30, 2011

They're here! - Katie's Kiddies

Poor Katie, packed with pups and miserable, can you tell?
Well, today we heard that Katie was in labor and had had 7 puppies, which seemed like a small amount seeing as how large she was (see the picture at the side).

Then there was more news, the fun wasn't over yet! 

Katie was pampered with plenty of help and vanilla ice cream between pups. Nothing like something cool during a hard time.

The final count for the new mother from the New Years Nine (The 9 were Katie, Courage, Madigan, Charlotte, Theo, Brie, Marcel, Freckles and Kennedy)..... 

Mrs. Katie has 9!
(I'd guessed 10 but 9 seems sooooo fitting with the whole 9 trend!)
Katie and her 9 little ones! (3 at her head, 6 getting some grub.)
After about 31 hours of labor both Katie and he foster mama Lynne were able to get some rest. 
First was born at 2:14 AM, last was probably born around 9 am on the 31st. 
Both mom and foster mom and reaaaally tired right now.
More pictures of Mama and Babies!
During the break after the first 7, then surprise! 2 more!
That's a pack of pups! Bet Katie's back is loving the relief.

Time for this little one's first close-up (one of many to come!
A passel of puppies

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