Monday, January 24, 2011

A Night for Prayers

Ok guys, time to kick on the prayers and good thoughts because two of my babies need it a lot.
Courage getting hugs on the night he arrived

We got the news just a few hours ago that Courage is in the hospital. He had a seizure and we're still waiting on an update.

We hope it was minor and that he'll be able to recover quickly and return to his family in his forever home. He's only been there 15 days.

I often wonder if dogs who are raised together become forever linked.

Only a few hours after Courage went to the hospital, Katie began pacing and panting, some of the signs of the start of labor. It is possible that sense she, Madigan, and Courage were pulled from the same home, that courage may be the father of these pups.

Please, Pray for our babies, for Courage to heal and be able to go home, and for Katie as she brings new life into the world tonight.
Katie, patiently waiting for her little ones in a comfy bed at her foster, Lynne's house.
PS: This was just posted. So much for lil mama cause she's a BIG mama. My first responce was "So how many lil bandits do ya think she's smuggling in there?!"

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