Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fighting for their lives (Prayers Needed!)

Today brings a bit of rough news. 

Lil Mama Charlotte at the Vet.
Charlotte and baby Theo are currently fighting for their lives yet again. 

Both are facing serious respiratory problems which could threaten their lives. 

Please pray for them to gain the strength to make it through. 

None of them had their vaccinations before we got them, and unfortunately this left them vulnerable to a myriad of problems.
Baby Theo

Its hard to see them like this. Charlotte has already fought very hard to keep her little family alive, as can be seen by how skinny she looks in the picture bellow.

Pray that Charlotte will have the strength to pull through for Theo, Kennedy, Freckles, Marcel, and Brie, who still need their mama. 

With Theo being so young and without vaccines he is very vulnerable. Pray this little guy will have enough strength to pull through.

Charlotte, a little skinny. She's been giving it all for her babies
Baby Theo

Charlotte with Brie in the background

Baby Theo in front, leading the pack.

Here is Charlotte's little family. 
Be strong lil mama and lil man, your 4 babies/sibblings need you both. 
Get well soon.
All 5 of Charlotte's Pup's. L to R = Theo, Marcel, Kennedy, Freckles, and Brie



Charlotte has turned the corner and is doing better!

Charlotte looking better!
She and the pups are now apart so both can get strong.


Theo is now on the mend too! Looking good for mama and baby!

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