Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Transport Tale - Charlotte

Well, on Monday I had the opportunity to transport Ms. Charlotte, the mama of the 5 pups in the New Years Transport.

Charlotte normally does fine on transport and had no problems going from Orlando to Clearwater. Our problem was that she wanted to rest and lay down, which is fine, but unfortunately she then couldn't see out the window. Poor thing "christened the car" (REALLY glad I had that blanket down). So we stopped at a McDonald's just off the highway and they let us use some paper towels.

The reason I bring all this up is for the next few lines. Charlotte (despite feeling crappy because I forgot the whole "no window = no breakfast"  rule) wanted to say hello to anyone she saw (ears perked up, tail wagged). In fact she got to meet 6 girls who had just finished lunch and she practically danced to get to meet them and they were more than happy to give her pats. The manager even came out to see her (not because we were in trouble or anything, just because he'd heard about the cute rescue chilling in the parking-lot ) and told me she was a beautiful girl. I'd have to agree.

Charlotte walks very well on a leash and listens when you talk to her. In the time we were in the car she learned that "ah ah" meant stop what you're doing and sit (this was normally because she was trying to climb on to my lap for cuddles, and while sweet and good intentioned, I don't think she understood that I was piloting a car going 65mph).  She loves to be loved and would love to do what ever it takes for you to love her back. She is very attentive and I bet she'll learn commands and tasks in a hurry.

One funny moment: It became apparent to me that Charlotte had been whistled too in the past when I was listening to a mix a friend made me and Music: Whistle Song (there it go) came on. Her ears perked up, her head jerked up, and she began searching the entire car for the sound. I admit I died laughing because the change in behavior was so sudden but changed the track pretty quickly so she wouldn't keep searching. Not sure if maybe the whistle sounded like her pups or if she just was trying to find the sound but it was interesting.

I'd say "Charlotte will make someone a great pet" but she's already found her someone! She just hasn't met him yet. This trip was the first leg on the way up north to her new home.  She's a beautiful little girl and a total devoted sweetie!

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