Saturday, January 1, 2011

“In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.”

I was inspired the other night. This wasn't my transport, but they may be in the future. The original plan was for 3 adult BC's who came from literally being thrown away. If I have the story right, two out of the 3 were literally in trashcans. Then the shelter had a little deal. Could we take one more? One hitch, she comes with baggage, specifically five nursing pups... making the total jump from 3 to 9. Nothing like tripling the intake. There was hesitation about if we could handle three times the amount of dogs, but in the end it came together.

The transport came from Georgia, where there are many dogs with out homes, and not enough homes to take them in. This unfortunately means dogs in many of the shelters get a very short window to find their homes. Being sick, old, or emaciated decreases their chances exponentially. Many dogs will arrive in the shelter and never leave, so for this mother and her family, this chance could be their only chance. Being young and cute doesn't mean you'll make it out. When you're time is up, it's up, and nothing can change that.

The following is the video of out little guys making their way out of the transport. They'd been in the van all day, stopping a few times for potty breaks, and finally rolled in at almost 10 at night.One pup didn't make the video but he is here and fine. Mama also didn't make the video because she was already in the nice warm car.

 “In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.”

Most don't have names yet. They aren't in great condition, they're sick, and by the time we tried to get them to go potty one couldn't walk because he was so weak. We carried him to the grass and he just lay there, and wagged his tail in hope. My father rubbed his belly and told him it'd be ok. He just wagged his tail and smiled, even though he felt like crap, and didn't have the strength to move. We tried to get him on his feet but he had to be carried to the car again. It is hard to see them like this, but we have to remember that from here he finds a warm bed, from here he gets the food he desperately needs, and the medicine to help him gain strength.

Then you see the puppies, who know nothing about how hard it can be out there. All they know is that their mother loves them and that they want to be warm and happy.  They are the lucky ones. Lucky enough to be out of the system early and hopefully soon they will be in a supportive and loving homes where they will never have to face the hardships their mother has.

EDIT: They just got names!

Charlotte - The lil mama
Mr. Theo (left)

Miss Freckles

Miss Kennedy

Miss Brie

Mr. Marcel

Mr. Courage (2 yrs)
Katie (3yrs) and Madigan (6 months)

Little Madigan again, she is just so sweet

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