Saturday, September 3, 2011

Transporter Profile

Name: Sarah Buxbaum 
               (formerly Sarah White)

Age: 24 (23 at start)

Began Transporting: 12/3/10

Reason for Transporting:
I believe all Dogs deserves to be treated with respect and should have a good and loving home
Stance: Animal Welfare

Skills: I can Microchip dogs.

Ride: A Subaru Wagon - aka "Kiki"
          - holds 2 L crates and 1 dog in the front.
         (The car can be modified as needed 
             and can hold more small carriers)

Transport Car Modifications: Seats down
          (aka "truck mode"), I have a mat I put down
           to protect the car from any accidents,
I Won't Leave Home Without:
                 My Transport Kit

When I Transport I Wear:
               Jeans or denim shorts,
               my TDL shirt, and my CNU keychain
                     (the blue thing around my neck)

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