Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 8 Get their names

All 8 Pups in one picture!
Well, Katie's little family has taken a big step today. They received their names!

Of course there is still the sting of the loss of little #7, Who was given her name as well, Jewel. 
Gone but never forgotten.

The remaining 8 have grown up big and strong, their little eyes are open and they are squeaking up a storm!

Without further a due, here's the line up!
Asti - ♀- She has a black spot on her belly

Bacardi - ♂ - Thin white stripe like mama

Brandy - ♀ - The only predominantly white female pup

Emma - ♀ - Miss Personality!

J.D. (Jack Daniels) - ♂ - One white spot on his back

Moose - ♂ - The big guy of the litter

Shandy - ♂ - Has a squiggle on his back
Shandy's Squiggle

Whisky - ♂ - big blaze

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