Thursday, February 10, 2011

How many dogs!?!

Up to this point I've only ever transported up to 2 dogs at once (Johnny Ray and Sugar Ray) but this week should set a record.

Right now it's looking like 3, but originally we were trying to contemplate 4.
Good lord can you imagine? I think one might be strapped to the roof rack.

Lucky me, I'll have a little help in the form of my best friend Ashlee.

Update: Wait, wait, 4! Ohhhh my god... Save me! lol!

To pull this off, I am going to have to put my Jenga skills to the test. to organize the car. I bought a blankie for our little fearful dog and a cover for the back of my car (water proof!!! YEY no vom marks anymore!) and a bigger bowl. I feel horrible for the little fearful one, he is so scared he hasn't walked in days. Poor baby!

It will be great to transport again, Just pray that it all goes well!

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