Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/26 Transport of 8!

Ok, Well yesterday's transport was... interesting to say the least.  I arrived at about 7 (30 minutes early) and the transport had already arrived and they were trying to sort out which pups belonged to who, and with the amount present it took 2 hours. WOW that is a LOT of dogs.

When we finally got into the car Radar was quickly put in a crate, the pups were stuffed in another, and Flip received front seat status. EVERYONE traveled well, never heard a peep out of ANYONE, which was astounding with 8 dogs in the car!

Flip was amazingly good and from the time he got in the car he curled up on the comfy blankey and tried to hold his head up so he could see out the window. He did this, while also trying not to fall asleep and his head would slooooowly fall back and then he'd jerk awake. Poor guy! He eventually settled for turning slightly so he could rest his chin on my leg. Never tried to crawl on my lap, never tried to walk around. He is GREAT in the car.

Once we arrived at the vet everyone was slowly moved inside, First Flip, then Radar, then the pups. They are all beautiful and sweet lil ones. I did something different this time, instead of putting a bunch of pics on the post and then a vid, i rolled them all in one. Check these lovelies out!!!

Special thanks to Gisele for posting this to the Dog Liberator Facebook page!

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