Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomorrow's Transport

Both excited and terrified for tomorrow.

I'm nervous because it is my first time picking up dogs from.... a Plane! Yep, the max on 3 that I might be getting are all flying in. I have no idea what the procedure is, where I go, etc but this should be interesting!

That being said, I am excited because yet again I will be hitting a new record: 40+ dogs transported and my sweet 16! yep, this is my 16th Transport. Not to mention, I get to meet 3 amazing dogs (and some of Holly's pups)!

The toughest part will be the absolute unpredictability of tomorrow. Weather could delay the flight or push it forward or even cancel it. I have a final presentation in the morning before the transport so I can finish my summer course and class after it so I can start my fall classes.  Student, Rescuer, not to mention life outside of both, but sometimes, it's just a busy day. Can't wait for it.

UPDATE: Well, it's tomorrow (8/29/11) and the Transport has been bumped to Tuesday due to weather which wont allow them to fly. Tuesday (8/30/11) here we come. Probably a good thing because today is gonna be crazy.

UPDATE 2: Weather is not our friend... Bumped again to 8/31/11

Update 3: Can't catch a break... bumped  to 9/1/11. Praying for great weather tomorrow.
     Update 3.5: May or may not be on the flight tomorrow... weight restrictions? 
Update 4: Our paws are off the ground!!!! WOO! (9/1/11)

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