Monday, October 15, 2012

Mz Sweet Tea - 10/6/12

 I meet up with little Mz Sweet Tea at a 711 as she came off of another transport. She came in with quite a story as to why they were a bit late. Apparently the last transport had allowed some of the dogs to wander in the car and a little Scottie or a schnauzer had wandered to the front of the car while they were getting ready to get the dogs out of the car. The driver had left the car running to keep the pups (including Sweet Tea) cool and this little schnauzer stepped on the auto door lock and locked them all out. It took them almost a half hour and a game of peekaboo to get the dog to run back over and unlock the car.

When I met Sweet Tea she patiently waited for me to lift her from the SUV, she wasn't about to jump down, she was a southern belle who wished to be carried. I tried to give her a chance to go potty but she didn't seem interested. I then lifted her into her crate and we were off.  She rode like a princess and lay with her paws crossed.

As we drove I saw first one pillar of rainbow, and then a second. Rainbows are always somewhat ominous in rescue. We see them as a sign of the dogs who have gone before looking back down on us. I snapped the picture just bellow this paragraph. You can see each pillar of rainbow just right of each power-line pole. When I later talked to G I found out that that day was the Reckless, G's border collie who's loss prompted the founding of the rescue, and passed. Perhaps it was Reckless watching over Sweet Tea's transport

We arrived at G's and again she was lifted from the car. She walked well on the leash, leaving slack and came to the porch where we sat and relaxed with G for a while. We chitchatted about how refined Sweat Tea acted, like a southern Belle, and as we sat on the porch it occurred to us, the only thing missing was some Sweet Tea... and then we realized she was right there with us, that would be her name.

Shortly after we arrived we walked her right inside and she made herself right at home. She sat with us during dinner and didn't beg. She followed the younger children around and watched over them. She is such a gentle spirit and  so sweet, just like her name suggests. Later on she disappeared and we found her on the bed, watching over G's daughter. She was so proud of herself for doing a good job. I swear this is one dog that is lucky to have gotten to her destination, she is so sweet I'd of kept her.
"Hi Mrs. G! I've been watching over your daughter like a good girl!"

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