Monday, October 15, 2012

Helping Hugo - My First Pull?

It started with an email. My husband Tom plays table top games about once a week with 3 nice guys, two of which were very close friends and this week one sent him an email
Hugo when he was first found.
"Hey, you and your wife do dog rescue right? Some huge douchenozzel abandoned 3 dogs in our complex last night, 1 was a puppy and got picked up, 1 was a large dog that got hit and the third is a little dude that we took in and cleaned up. He is pretty worse for wear but he is friendly and affectionate and good with dogs and cats, if we cant find him a home I dont want to take him to the humane society just to get killed. Do you guys know anyone that could take him? Chris' sister might but just in case I want to make sure he doesn't get killed."
It took a day for Tom to be able to forward Jon's email to me but the minute I got it, asked a few more questions, and I was off to Facebook to post everything I knew about this little dog, who they called Francis:
Hey guys, more details coming but I am trying to help some friends find a home for a dog abandoned in an apartment complex. There were 3 dogs dumped. One was saved by a good Samaritan, one was hit by a car an killed, and the third is the one we are working with friends to help. My understanding thus far is that he is a maltipoo sort of mix, younger and a small breed. People have stepped up and got him medicated for some itchy scabs and someone has volunteered to pay for his neuter. Pictures coming soon but be thinking of if you know anyone looking for a doggy.
Within minutes I got a text from Gisele saying we had enough space for the little dog. I immediately emailed Jon and asked (since we were going to meet up anyway) if he could bring the pup with him and I could take him into our rescue. Right before we had to leave I got confirmation, I'd be picking up the little dog. I waited in the parking lot until Jon and Chris pulled up with a small cat carrier, and inside was a sweet cream colored pup.

Jon and Chris had taken the time to cut some of the larger mats out of his fur and to give him medicine for the fleas which were tormenting him. They took him in off the streets and made a deal with their apartments to allow him to stay just until they could find him a place to go, other than the shelters.

I am still stunned how anyone could throw this little guy out like trash... one of the other dogs was lucky and found a home, but the oldest was hit by a car and died... I will never understand how people can leave their dogs to the cruelty of the streets.

This sweet pup let me pluck him from his crate and hug him. He wiggled happily and tried to figure out what was going on. I thanked Jon and Chris for being so kind to him. They couldn't understand how anyone could do this to him. He was good with other dogs, cats, and was house trained. As they said their goodbyes and wished him luck Chris paused, sad to see him go.

I carried him to his transport crate and snapped a few pictures of him to send to Gisele. 

He was precious and occasionally made soft little whines as we drove along, curious about where he was going. It took an hour but he relaxed to classical music the entire way.

Once we got there he was excited to get out of the car and see where he was at. Gisele was waiting for him with a big can Doc's Stew (holiday turkey flavored!) which this little guy promptly went face first into and I swear he didn't breathe until he had inhaled the entire can. I swear I would have eaten it if he hadn't. You could see meat, corn, noodles, green beans, and plenty of other good flavors.

Gisele had me stay for dinner so I got to walk him into the house to meet the other dogs and watch him socialize in the back yard while we grilled. He's brave and wasn't at all phased by playing with dogs 3 times his size.

We discussed names and threw around all sorts of cute ones. It finally came down to Hugo because he looked similar to Wiigo, a small dog we had just adopted out.

Our friend Brittney came over and we tried to figure out what breed he was. He wasn't a maltipoo. We finally guessed that he is likely part yorkie and part lhasa apso (a yorkie apso).

Hugo is so sweet and so good I don't know, I really cannot possibly fathom, how anyone could leave him. It was hard enough for me to leave when it was time to go home, knowing full well he was going to see a vet, a groomer, and be eating amazing food!

I am considering Hugo my first "pull" (a dog suggested for the rescue and got from their situation) even though really all the credit goes to Jon and Chris who took the time to scoop him up and take care of him on their own dime, simply because it was the right thing to do. I am so proud to call Hugo a TDL dog, his story is what it is all about, doing the right thing when the owners refuse to, caring for those and standing up for those, who can not defend themselves. I know  from here there is only happiness for Hugo, and that is a beautiful thing!

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