Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is there a Sign on my door that says "Rescuer?"

Well, it finally happened. I have been dreaming, since I was a small child I have fantasized about finding puppies and taking care of them. Well today I was watching a TV show on haunting and it had the weirdest sound effect, a crying kitten. But it was too persistent for that... I muted the TV and the crying continued. Oh no...

I ran to the front door and there stood a tiny 8 week old grey kitten, wailing. He tried to come in the minute the door opened but I scooped him up the minute I saw him, partly so Leia wouldn't possibly eat him. I turned around, kitten in arms, and stared at Tom, "Holy crap, there is a kitten at our door." I was in a hurry to go to a coffee date so I cleaned a small crate, put him in, and we went to coffee because while Leia was curious about him, I didn't want to leave both of them with Tom (too much of a burden). On the way out I posted a "found kitten" flier and told the office I had him. They said someone had asked about him earlier so I left my number with them. We were off to coffee!

A lady stopped when she realized I was sitting at a table with a kitten in a crate and asked about it. I explained what happened and she basically begged me not to take him to a kill shelter. I told her not to worry, no chance I'd do that to him.

Becky humored me and we sat our side with a kitten in a crate as our third guest. He slept through coffee and was very good, but I was worried about what would happen if his owners didn't call today, or ever. I'd have to get cat food-- and what the heck do I know about litter training?! We came home and I sat him, in his crate on the floor and let Leia sniff and get the curiosity out of her system. She didn't bark or growl, just sniffed. He swatted at her through the bars and she looked at me like "Seriously? What did I do to him??"  Tom nicknamed him George. I called him Punk cause he was feisty. 

As I sat, trying to figure out what to do, my phone rang. The front office said his owner was there. I told them I'd be right over. A tall thin man stood before me. He spoke a little English but wasn't quiet fluent. He explained that the kitten bumped out of the door this morning and just disappeared. I explained how I found him and he laughed in surprise. It was good to see the two of them together again.

When I returned home I sat the empty crate on the floor and let Leia out. She ran to the crate, sniffed, realized it was empty, and cried a little. She missed her little... "friend." Really, this isn't a Transport Tale, but we joke in rescue all the time about things like "Do I have a sign in my lawn that says 'hey lost pets, come here' or something?" Apparently I have that sign on my door now, and even though it kinda threw a wrench in my day, I am glad he found his way here, and that I could help get him home, even if it was just across the street.

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