Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ginger Doodle: Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

If taking photos is the second hardest thing I've done, picking up owner surrenders is the hardest. As one chapter closes, another begins, and during this time emotions run high.

I arrived at a fast food parking lot where we had agreed to meet up. I was early and Ginger's Family was a little delayed, mainly because as hard as Ginger Doodle tries, she has a hard time in the car.

In this trip there were 3 hard times, all requiring paper towels (this is exactly why I keep pups in crates, crack the windows, and travel with paper towels because after my experience with Charlotte, I have learned.).

Ginger Doodle is a cute young thing who is deaf but knows a few hand signs and "listens" well! Despite the ice blue eyes, she can see just fine! She is small, spunky, and friendly!

When they arrived  her mama tried hard to be strong, but within a few seconds of our first words there were tears, and hugs. I hugged her for a long moment, because I can only imagine how bad it hurt, and then we talked for a few minutes about The Dog Liberator so she could feel reassured about where Ginger Doodle would be going.

In truth, we hung out for quite a while and talked about Ginger's future. I mentioned that the awesome part about going through TDL was the updates. She looked at me, puzzled. I suddenly realized she hadn't heard... "You mean you don't know about the updates?" I shared with her about how she could follow our Facebook page, and get updates before and after Ginger was adopted. The tears flowed again but for a new reason; it wasn't goodbye.

I quickly texted her a link to our Facebook and then it really was time to go. More hugs, more tears, and they handed me all they had brought for Ginger Doodle: a crate, food, papers, leash, a blankie with their smell on it, everything she could need. They taught me her hand signs too!

On transport I would occasionally glance into the rear-view mirror and see little Ginger staring back. I would give her the hand sign for "good girl" and she would settle down. She was a little trooper and managed to not get sick at all.

When we arrived at G's Ginger settled right in, posed for pictures, and met some of the pack. It was clear that she would be adopted in no time.  I know it was hard for Ginger's family, but I was glad I could be a part of this transport. Knowing what I do about TDL, it was nice to be able to say with a confident heart, that it would be okay, and Ginger would be just fine.

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