Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hopscotch Hops in!

Nadia and Hopscotch

Well on 7/6/12 I was on the road again. This was another relatively short transport (under 3 hours total). I met the first leg of the transport (which came from the shelter to a Petsmart) and had a chance to meet Nadia, an amazing volunteer who goes above and beyond the call on a regular basis.

Little Hopscotch sat, waiting for me (I was almost 10 minutes late even though I left home with almost 15 minutes extra. Thanks City Traffic!). This precious little pup isn't even a year old. He's already faced down demodex mange (not contagious) and is ready for a second chance. He still has some puppy tendencies like being a little mouthy but doesn't bite, just wants to hold your hand in his mouth, gently.

It is clear to me that he would love to bond to someone. When I took control of the leash he looked to Nadia and tried to return to her (and later when I dropped him off at his new foster home he wanted to stick with me). He had just been neutered that morning so I gently lifted him into the car, making sure to not put any pressure on or near his stitches. You'd never know he'd just had surgery, it didn't phase him a bit!

Our trip was less than 40 minutes and he was so quiet you'd think he was sleeping in a nice feather bed and not on a towel. When I arrived at his foster, Maria's house he carefully hopped down and cheerfully followed us to the back yard where he met Maria's dogs and his new buddies.

The dogs got along pretty well. Hopscotch still needs to learn some dog world manners because he still tries to play like a puppy and will jump up on other dogs or put a paw over them. One of his new buddies quickly informed him it wasn't ok but it wasn't a big tiff. Just some noise and jumping, no teeth. Hopefully it will be enough for this little guy to learn the rule.

He is young and has a good bit of energy. He already knows some commands and loves to run and play. It was a pleasure to transport this little fellow and I can't wait to see which lucky family will give him his forever home!

 This picture (right) looks super ferocious but that isn't the case, just for the record. This was more of a playful situation.

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