Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heath the Heartthrob

I first met heath on Sunday January 8th. I met my friend Kevin at a little dinner on the side of the road and the tradeoff began. He told me how sweet Heath was and sure enough, out of the car hopped this stunning little gentleman.

I wasn't having a great day, or a great week or even a good month for that matter (which is part of the reason this blog post is 6 months late) but Heath's sweet smile made the trip worth it.

I was bringing him to see Gisele who'd be looking after him. He hopped in the car like a champ and after a short chat with Kevin we were on our way!

He road like a dream and when we arrived hopped out of the car like an absolute gentleman. We took him to the side-yard (which is like the quarantine yard for new rescues) and met Gisele and her daughter.

Heath said hello to everyone and then came back over and stood, with his paws in my lap, eye to eye with me and stared me down for a moment.  I'm not sure what he was trying to tell me... Maybe it was "everything will be alright" or "I'm sorry for what you're going through" or maybe just a very sincere "thanks for the ride" but It made my whole day just a little bit better...

I apologize to Heath that it took so long to write about him, but he is certainly NOT forgotten.  Thank you Heath. 6 months later and things are getting better. I'm about to go back out there to pick up another friends, and I just had to remember the one who gave me comfort on a hard day.
Heath, telling me something.

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