Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I do more than Transports: Photo Shoot!

This Friday (9/30/11) we got a new transport of puppies in at the executive airport again. My first visit was a little chaotic, as I was wrangling two adult dogs and trying to help with a third, but this time I was ready! I made sure my camera phone was set up and ready so I could snap plenty of pictures, but today I wasn't picking up and transporting dogs, I was the camerawoman!

We were picking up 3 fluffy new arrivals, and I was just praying that we hadn't had any major potty issues on the flight, because as soon as we were off the tarmac I needed to pull of some cute pictures to help these three find their new families. The flight arrived with out a hitch with 16 dogs on board (You will see the plane, and not believe there were 16 dogs in there). When our babies emerged the staff, who were so kind to help with the pups, let out an "aww" in perfect synchrony. 

These pups definitely have the cute factor, and now I just had to prove it with the camera. After all the paperwork was sorted and we took a group picture with Karen (one of the staff), our pups and their Foster Cathy, and of course the pilot, Jeff, we got in the car and drove off the tarmac and a few meters away from the building to a nice shady grassy patch where we could take some pictures.

Here are the pictures taken up to this point, with my iPhone.

The beginning of the Official Photo Shoot

I included all of the pictures I took, just to show that they didn't all come out perfectly, but you can tell which are the good ones, possibly because you will stop and stare a bit longer. I knew I had the picture because the moment the screen flashed it I jumped. Their eyes were locked on the camera, or doing a cute pose, they were "smiling" or flashing an endearing pose; those were the shots I wanted. Then, there are always the shots between those shots... you'll know those too, the blurry, the butt shot, or the nose smashed into the camera (my camera now has a tooth mark where on picked it up as I was tying the bow.) 

Taking pictures of puppies is a bit like trying to take a picture of a single raindrop during a monsoon.


The puppies were so happy to get out on the grass and were especially excited that I brought toys. What they weren't so happy about was the bows I'd brought for them. First up was the little black male, Samson, who was one wiggly worm when it came to getting him to hold still just long enough to tie the bow. 


Next was the tri-color little male, Snickers, who does the best facial expressions. I would squeak a toy and he would raise an eyebrow, turn his head, and raise his ears. He was a ton of fun to shoot and worked the camera and props. You'll notice in some he has the doughnut in his mouth, looking adorable, and in the next he's dropped it and struck an adorable, spunky pose. Too cute! 


Last by not least was the little golden girl, Sunbeam. At the beginning of the shoot all she wanted to do was lay down. Sometimes the dog takes the lead and despite coaxing and bribery she just wanted to lay down. So, we worked with it, and eventually she came around. She was definitely the little princess who must be adored.

In this shoot, each pup was very different, whether it was the energetic first, the personality packed second, or the laid back third, each had their own quirk, but that what makes them who they are and that was what I was aiming to capture.

If you are interested in learning more about these pups check out The Dog Liberator.
They're up for adoption!

Let me tell you, before I read the guide bellow, I couldn't have taken these pictures.
Check it out!

Image from Picture Correct

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If this whole photography thing keeps growing I'll have a new blog soon. I promise to keep you updated!

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