Sunday, July 3, 2011

Upcoming Transport: - Shane the Stunning

Well, today I found out that I may be celebrating the 4th of July weekend with my first transport of the summer!

Between the end of spring classes, the last minute wedding plans, the wedding and honeymoon, returning to summer classes, and the summer slowdown there has been less of a need/ability for me to transport. Of course that does not mean that there are less dogs needing a home. In Florida the summer heat, vacations, etc all interact to drop the number of families looking to adopt and unfortunatly, many pets find themselves without a home due to moves and a lack of time for them.

Shane is one of the few lucky dogs this summer. He is about a year old and was rescued from a high-kill shelter around Memorial Day. His rescuer, Amy, took him to her mother's house to take some pictures (see full story here) and Shane immediately adopted her mother and her mother fell for him, as did her two dogs.

Unfortunately, sometimes life has other plans. Shane has a great disposition, he is young with the personality of a much older, wiser dog, well behaved and well trained. He loves to explore and exercise,  which was fine until his new owner hurt her leg and had to put him out in the yard to exercise. Shane, being the curious young fellow his is, found her small fence little obstacle when exploring the world, and because their house is near a busy highway, his adoptive mom now worries for his safety. It is because of this, she made the incredibly hard choice that it was better for him to leave, and be safe, then to stay and risk his life. 

Too often we see people give up animals for the wrong reasons, they are moving and there is no room for the dog in their new life, they don't want to spare the time or effort for their care, or they just decide that the dog is a thing to be thrown away. This is NOT Shane's tale. Shane is love and well cared for. Anything he needs he gets and unfortunately, like medicine, sometimes what we want is not what we need. Shane may not understand why we do this for him, but we must lead him to find a new family and new happiness so we may spare his life. So I will go and get him and carry him to his foster's home, so that he can live safe and so he may find a new happiness.

I look forward to meeting Shane, and dread having to take him away. 
I have no doubt I'll carry a heavy heart on this transport.

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