Monday, July 25, 2011

Suddenly, Seven!

My Monday began slowly. I crawled out of bed and slowly began typing the last page of my paper, only half focused. By about 10am I had about 2 more sentences and was cruising facebook, not promising for my progress.

Suddenly my phone began barking, which to me is like the bat signal.

Rescue team ASSEMBLE!!!!

I picked up and it turned out that over the night 7 puppies had found themselves in need of a rescue and both Gisele and Amy were wondering if I could pull the second leg of the transport. Absolutely!
The pups at the farm when Amy got them. "Are you here for use?"

I was thrilled! I would have to get my kit together and grab a drink and throw on my TDL shirt and.. oh crap.. the paper! I slammed my nose to the grind stone and completed more work in 15 minutes than i had in the past hour. Amazing what a little motivation will do for ya!

I picked up 3 crates from Holly on the way out and was on my way. The drive, despite a bit of traffic, was uneventful. I met Amy at Wendy's again and we shuffled the pups from one crate to another, holding them up for their beauty shots.

I'm pretty sure their monologue would have gone something like this: "Oh, they're opening the cage! I don't think I want to come out.. oh she's got my legs-woah! ok.. i dont mind the hand around my chest but those parts down there are-- hey the other one is holding a camera.. huh well this is strange- oh! new cage, ok... well what the heck was that about... weird ladies.."

The trip to the Vet was actually pretty quiet (astounding with seven pups) and only one fussed at times. I played some evanescence and they settled right down (Evanescence seems to have an almost magical way of calming pups and dogs).

We shortly arrived at the vet and unloaded each for another close-up and a bit of video. They were adorable but all a little puzzled by their new surroundings. Meet the pups, (we believe they are border collie, Aussie, and maybe lab/noufie) who are currently nameless. (Dont miss the video at the bottom!)

This lil one was kinda scared but makes great eye contact with the camera. I am betting once out of her shell she will be quite the ham!
Oof! Absolutely one heavy pup! He has a smooth coat and is the 2nd heaviest of the litter!

HUGE! I almost didn't believe he and the next one came from the same litter! He will be HUGE just look at those paws and super long legs! Heaviest!

This lil girl is the runt of the litter. She has a smooth coat and is personality PACKED.

Needs to be called Einstein. She seems to be analyzing the world and look at her hair!

The only one with so much red! This lil one (pretty good size) has an adorable personality too! "Play with me, play with me!"

Maybe this one should be called Jordan, I mean her legs are so long she could play Basketball! 3rd biggest!

Here is some live action shots of these Seven little wonders:
Thank you TDL for the video