Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Yogi

I wish I was writing this to shout from the rooftops about Yogi's amazing new family... but that is not how his story ended... On 4/2/14 at 10:37 am, Yogi slipped away.

This may come as a shock after my first post; it surprised us too. Concerned with Yogi's hair-loss we had the vet check him out: blood-work, scans, etc. This scans found the problem... a large mass on his spleen. We thought he has allergies... it was cancer.

In foster Yogi was a good boy. He played well with others, learned the house rules and I pushed hard to try to get people interested in him. He had a special Valentines and St Patrick's day picture showcasing his adorable face.

But it was to no avail, "Home" was not part of Yogi's path... When Gisele called me and told me what they had found, I cried and cried. It wasn't fair. He had been in a shelter, then adopted and returned, and now finally he was getting a chance at a real home and he had cancer.
And Finally I remembered that Rescue's job is not simply finding homes, 
it is doing what is right for the dogs. 

Yogi was going through each day, keeping a smile on his face though he didn't feel good. He didn't seem to be in terrible pain yet, but as the cancer spread, it would come... I didn't want that for him... neither did Gisele, and the vet agreed, Yogi wouldn't survive this.

So early on April 2nd, Gisele took Yogi to the vet. He had a quiet room (a crossing room, not an exam room) with nice carpet, fluffy blankets, and comfy chairs. It was more like home, and less like hospital. He loved his big fluffy blanket.

Next was a huge can of of awesome wet food (the kind with real meat in it that you, as a human, might just split with your dog. Yogi loved it. He ate it, but he did so slowly, like he was really going to take the time to just enjoy the moment. It was an awesome treat, but it was his awesome treat.

And then there were cuddles and pets. Yogi was held and loved up as it was time to cross. He had one of the best techs in the world with him, and she was sad too. They knew yogi and loved him too; they cried with us. And yogi slipped away, snoozing in loving arms.
Gisele and the tech stroke Yogi's face.
It wasn't how we pictured his story ending, but I remind myself his story could have ended much differently. It could have ended in the shelter, it could have ended shortly after going to a new family and breaking their hearts... I am glad that Yogi stayed with us.. and now he always will...

I am crying even as I type this, because Yogi was SUCH a good boy, I would have had him as my own if I didn't already have a dog. He was sweet and gentle, and very expressive. I am so glad we took him in... and I remember so vividly standing outside with him at the shelter, on the phone with Gisele, and she asked me if I thought we should take him... and I said yes.  ... Run Free Yogi.

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  1. stay strong my friend, we can't save them all, but the ones we do save know they were loved.