Sunday, December 1, 2013

Assist: Photos for Tucker

Of all the things to be done in rescue, working with families who can no longer keep their pets is one of the hardest. Tucker found that small children were a bit too scary for him and it was decided that for his better good, he should go to a home where there were maybe older children instead, or an older family.

My part in this, came when it was time to get his post ready. We had a few good pictures, but we needed quite a few to help people get a feeling for who he is. G asked if I could go snap some pictures and I agreed. I set up a time with his family and stocked up on squeaky toys.

Meet Tucker.

Tucker Loves to run and play, so much so that sometimes, it was difficult to catch him in frame.

 He played in the yard and showed me around: his flowers, his front yard, his people. And toward the end, i think he realized why I was taking the pictures... I pet him and apologized but also promised it would be okay, and it will. Often they do not understand what happens, but in the end they are able to adjust and  Tucker will! He posed beautifully, and it was a honor to help him in his journey to find his home.

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