Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Assist: A Tale of a Flight for Life

The flight was planned for quite some time. It was a flight which would transport Jeff Bennett's 2,000th dog (can you believe that? 2,000 dogs in a small plane. How awesome!) who actually turned out to be one of our little ones!

We were filmed for a possible film  documentary and shared about our passion for rescue.

Poor little Amelia had gotten rather nervous during the flight and was a little bit of a mess but very sweet. Lady Di was excited to meet her and would occasionally give a happy "woo woo!" to let everyone know how happy she was about her puppy. 

Bennett's Boots was nervous at first, but did his best to be brave. When he came off the flight he wasn't too interested in coming out of his crate.

In fact, both Jeff and Gisele had to sit for a while and talk to each other, then to him, in order to coax him out. Here are some pictures of the little adventure in getting him to come out. I was snapping pictures left and right and also holding on to Lady Di. Luckily Di cooperated with me!

All in all it was a very interesting day and was full of excitement for all of the pups. We weren't the only rescue present so we were able to talk to a few other groups as well. It was interesting because several groups were taking double digits of dogs, and we were taking... 2. Why? Well I personally think it is because we are selective in picking strong candidates and also because we have a life time commitment.  Either way, it was nice to meet everyone and awesome to snap some pics of these precious pups!

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