Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a "Short" Transport

It started the afternoon of the 12th (12/12/11) when I got a message from G, "Transport coming in on the 13th, can ya help?" It would be tough because the 13th was already packed. at 3 a doctors appointment, at 5 school, and later my birthday dinner, it would have to be early in the day. G gave me the contact information for the transporter who would be bringing the dog.

I called her and then things got confusing. I asked about what time she'd be getting in on the 13th. "The 13th?" she replied, "Honey, we're coming from way up north. We'll be on the road for 3 days. We should be arriving in Orlando on the 15th in the morning. Which dog are you calling about?"

Tim. I called Gisele, then Peg again, and we sorted it out. The miscommunication was "the transport is on the 13th" which it was. Tim had to be on the transport on the 13th. The part we missed was the whole "on the road for 3 days" part. Problem solved! I had NOTHING going on on the 15th. Perfect!

The morning of the 15th I woke up at 6:30 am for no good reason other than the fear of being late. By 9 I hadn't really heard anything but I knew that the latest they could arrive was about 11:30 because they need to be at a convention center by noon. 10 am, silent... 11 am, still nothing and now I was nervous. I texted G, no answer (later found out she was sick), texted Peg, no response. I decided, in my paranoid state, that the phone must be dead and so I drove to the PetSmart  and waited. I wasn't about to let Tim think he'd been forgotten. I mean, after being left at a shelter, he'd experienced enough abandonment for a life time.

Right around noon I got a call letting me know that they would be there... in 2 hours. As any transporter can tell you, stuff happens. Rescues show up late to pick up dogs and hold up the transport, dogs take longer to pee than expected, traffic jams, Transports never show up when they think they will. No one's fault, just how it goes.
Doth my eyes deceive me?

I picked up lunch, went to a hardware store, walked around PetSmart, and then sat in the car for a while.

I'd been told they'd be coming in a white bus, which I assumed was like a 15 passenger van or something of similar size.

School was getting ready to let out (now just about 2pm) and TONS of buses kept passing the parking lot.

I think there were about 15 or 20 false alarms before I finally gave up and just assumed I'd know when it got here...

Then, in my rear view mirror I saw something which caught my eye. Was that a WHITE BUS????

Is that really....
A White Bus!?
Sure enough, a white bus pulled into the parking lot. I knew it was the right bus when I saw a husky standing in a window.
Husky in the window, must be the right one!

Preparing to jump and give kisses!
Then I saw Tiny Tim's little face, peeking out the bus window from inside his crate. My heart melted as our eyes met, and he smiled. It was like he just knew, I was here for him.

He came flying off the bus, nearly pulling Peg with him and I had to giggle at the little comedian, his name was SO fitting, because Tiny Tim... well  he looks like a Aussie cut off at the knee. haha

He wiggled and wiggled until I thought his tail would fall off. We walked to some grass and took a potty break and then I tried to take some pictures.

I quickly discovered that camera or not, the only think Tiny Tim was interest in was giving kisses, getting cuddles, and being told how handsome he was. 

I finally resorted to kneeling and holding him in one arm, with the camera in the other hand and took a picture of us together.

If you ever wonder if a dog knows who his transporter is... I offer the following proof, his HUGE smile!

What do you mean "IN the crate..."
When offered the chance he flew into the back of my car, right past the cage. He was sure I'd made a mistake about the whole "you're riding in the crate" thing but with a little guidance he finally accepted and crawled in.

He gave one little whine, letting me know he'd still rather be up front with me, but then settled right down, and I heard not one peep from him for the next hour of travel.

We'd arrived. He knew. I could hear his tail start thumping as I cut off the car engine. I was glad I left the leash on because he was SO ready to be out of the cage.

He practically let himself in to his new foster mommy's house and as he pranced through the house he ever so casually picked up one of her dogs' toys as if he'd owned it his whole life. I have every confidence he has already made friends and possibly hidden a few of their toys from them, just so he can call them "his" for now.

I had a great time transporting this personality packed little pup. 
Even if he was my "short" transport, in more ways than one.

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