Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buddy on Board (Again!)

Well this morning I got to see Buddy again.
Found the car!
Nothing can dampen his little spirit!

It took him just a second to recognize me when we met again at the vet, but only a hot second to pick my car out of the 3 in the parking lot! He lead me right to it.

It seems he made plenty of friends while at the vet because just about everyone said bye to him and mentioned how kind, loving, and adorable he was.

They gave me his meds, his paper work and last but not least... his blue "collar of shame" (aka the petunia).

Buddy rocks his blue "collar of shame" (aka the petunia!)
Buddy tolerated it pretty well, especially since most dogs promptly throw their paws over their head or go into a death spiral. Buddy gave it one try to take it off then sighed and returned to walking with me to the front.

Our trip was (almost!) pretty uneventful. It took me a moment to figure out just how to lift him into the car to avoid hurting his little leg (which is looking good, all things considered) but once I figured it out he just held still and let me lift him up. 
Getting into the carrier was a little tough until (that stupid transporter) I figured out he couldn't see the cage he was walking into, and thus was a bit frightened. I think I would be too. We flipped his Petunia backward and he hopped right in. He was not thrilled when I flipped it back to the "full and upright position" but minus backing away, put up very little fight.

Hi!!  Hi Hi- oop, I fell over cause I had happy butt!
About halfway through our trip we had to pull over to flip his Petunia again since the wind had blown it back along with his fur. He pouted when I returned it to the upright position.

At Jesse's we did another photo-shoot and then Jesse arrived (we just barely beat him home). Buddy was so sweet and was so happy to see Jesse again. His tail was flying and his satelight was turning in every dirrection looking for signal!

We walked toward the front door which had 3 steps. Buddy had tried to beat me to the car so he could jump (about 2 feet) up so I was surprised when he stopped at the front steps and hesitated. I tried to get him to walk inside... no dice.

I stared at him a minute. What was the problem?? Then the issued became pretty clear... The stupid Petunia was just big enough to completely hide the location of the first step from him. Buddy was trying to look down, but every time he did the Petunia got in the way. 

You want me to do... what???
I felt like a heel for even asking a dog with 3 good legs and a blindfold to take a leap of faith and was just about to bend down to get him when Buddy surprised me. He looked at me, looked at Jesse, did a little double step and hoisted himself up onto the first step. From there instinct took over and in a split second he was standing triumphantly at the top of the steps, a look of joy and accomplishment on his face. Sometimes they just surprise you.
Victory Face!
Who would have thought the shy little Buddy I first met (afraid of being abandoned or abused who hunkered down when you first tried to pet him) would be the one to face a fear head on by his own free will and come out wagging all over. Then I realize, he is not quite the same little Buddy I first met. 
His confidence has boomed despite injury.
His need to bond has blossomed despite being shuffled from foster to vet and back. 
He has become interested in making friends, not afraid of it. 

Buddy has found what he lost while he was tied to a park bench alone, Hope.

Buddy is hopeful that you will want to meet him. He hopes his wiggle will make you smile. 
He hopes he can run very soon (probably sooner then he will be able to, sorry lil guy). 
But most of all, he hopes to be loved and hopes his next transport will be his last. 
He hopes his forever family is coming soon.

Love you Buddy. Your hope is enough to make me cry.
But always happy tears, because I know it will happen soon!
Buddy, Ever Hopeful!

Buddy Video!!!

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