Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watching Johnny and Sugar Improve (Updated 12/16/10)

I've been watching for updates on "my boys" like a hawk. It's amazing to see the difference already. I can't wait to link in some videos and pictures!

When I first saw Johnny Ray, he was almost a pinkish orange color from the red dirt he'd been living in. He is supposed to be black and white but he was more suited for Halloween. He was skittish,, tucked his tail, and constantly needed encouragement.
Johnny Ray at his new D.L. foster. Looking much better already.

Johnny Ray on the day Dog Liberator pulled him from a shelter
His most recent updates says he's becoming part of the pack and his photos (hopefully soon to be added) show his fur to be a new, bright shade of white.
A video of my boy: Johnny Ray's Video

Sugar Ray, on the other hand, adapted to the pack immediately and is so full of himself. He loves to "sit there and look beautiful" as some of his pictures show (hopefully soon to be added.)

Sugar Ray at his D.L. Foster

The day he made it to Dog Liberator.

UPDATE: The New Improved Sugar Ray
Update 12/16/10: Sugar Ray finally got his much needed make over and now looks sleek and shiny. He looks 5 years younger without all that extra fur.

So nice to see both of my boys doing so well!

Now we just need to get them the BEST Christmas present ever: and amazing new forever home!

See those bright doggy smiles.
::::::::::::::::::::Check out the boys' progress: Sugar Ray and  Johnny Ray ::::::::::::::::::::

Mild Disclaimer: The term, "my boys" does not mean dogs I own. They are the ones I transported and thus "my boys"
---------------------- Also, Photos and film are property of Dog Liberator 

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